What is a greeter ?

Greeters are inhabitants who are passionate about their territory. They wish to help tourists discover their territory by sharing with them their favorite places, their favorites and their anecdotes during friendly and free meetings…


Marie-Pierre DEPLAINE

Agéenne since forever, Marie-Pierre welcomes tourists on the tracks of the “Musardises”, a discovery trail created by this history and heritage enthusiast.

« We have in Aÿ some treasures : sweet houses, an impressive church, … I guide the visitors for telling them what I know about these differents points of interest we meet during the tour».




Its is in her city, Aÿ, next to Epernay, that Corinne is in the habit of welcoming visitors and guide them for a walk. She first get the visitors noticed, at the end of her street, the old french vineyards cultivated in crowds (not aligned, planted as before the phylloxera crisis), from which a famous Champagne house make its own prestigious cuvée.