What is Géocaching ?

Have you ever heard about Geocaching ?

This modern times treasures hunt invite players of the world to find little boxes called Geocaches from GPS coordinates

Once boxes found, we put it at the same place for the next players.

On the Sentier des Lutins in Germaine (2km through the forest, the orchard and the village), some geocaches have been installed.

You can go in search of them with the help of two different trails with clues and riddles ! < Upload the trails A & B >

A fun activity that will for sure motivate children to go on a walk with smile !

Are you curious to try Geocaching? The Association of Geocachers of Champagne, whose members live in the Region can give you useful advice to get started.

More information: Geocaching for beginners

Upload the two routes, a simple initiation for everyone to discover the geocaching  :

Route A

Route B