What is Géocaching ?

Halfway between an ultra modern treasure hunt and an orienteering race, geocaching is an original way to discover unusual places during your walks.
Take your GPS with you and go in search of the caches in which many small treasures are buried and take them on a journey.

To start this adventure, you must have a GPS (smartphone or hiking GPS) and be registered on the Geocaching.com site (it’s free).
The “treasures” are boxes of different sizes, hidden by other geocachers at specific coordinates that you must reach, before searching … more or less easily.
There are so many varieties of caches, levels of difficulty, puzzles, terrain to cross … Geocaching allows you to compose your adventure of the moment, day or week, hiking in the mountains or in the countryside , to discover cities, monuments, unsuspected landscapes … sometimes even close to home.

Are you curious to try Geocaching? The Association of Geocachers of Champagne, whose members live in the Region can give you useful advice to get started.

More information: Geocaching for beginners

Upload the two routes, a simple initiation for everyone to discover the geocaching  :

Route A

Route B