A moment at the water's edge

The Marne and its side canal, which flow at the foot of the hillside slopes, offer an opposite view of the landscape
and another approach to the local sights.
The water is omnipresent, under the guise of sources and ponds, lakes and underground rivers, washhouses and fountains, and of course water ways. Between the Marne and its canal there are plenty of things to see and do.

To see:
The hillside slopes, the castles, the valley or perched villages, the turning bridge of Bisseuil, the sluice gate of Tours-sur-Marne or the lock master’s house in Dizy, …

To do :
Take a boat trip and picnic at the anchorage of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, experience the interpretation path along the canal or canoe up the Marne from the beaches in Bisseuil or Aÿ.

Whether on foot, by bike or on rollerblades, the 65 km Véloroute de la Vallée de la Marne between Moncetz-Longevas and Dormans is a pleasant central path to explore. Enjoy this green trail to discover the UNESCO classified Champagne landscapes or to visit a winemaker.

Mareuil-sur-Aÿ’s Nautical stopping place
Docking of 14 boats with harbor master’s office (sanitary facilities, showers…) and 8 places for camper vans. Free Wifi.
Tél. : +33 (0)3 26 56 95 24 – info@ccgvm.com

Cruises on the Marne river with Bateau Champagne Vallée
Meander down the Marne river on board a paddlewheel boat with panoramic views of the valley.

Private cruises with Bullet 1927
Let the river carry you while you enjoy local specialties: a dream come true on board the Bullet 27, a comfortable vedette with a captain.

Nature... and you ?

Covering 40% of the Regional Natural Park of the Montage de Reims, the forests are an important feature of the hillside landscape, where they occupy the top of the slopes, above the vines.

Labeled “Exceptional Forests”, the national forests of ‘‘Chêne à la Vierge’ in Saint-Imoges, Hautvillers and Verzy are interspersed by tracks, marked paths and botanical trails that invite you to walk and discover them.

The Germaine forest also has a marked walking circuit, accessible to the whole family, from where it is not unusual to glimpse roe deer.

All over these hill chains grow the trees from which one still makes champagne barrels and which in the Middle-Ages where used to construct the villages. In Aÿ, many semi- timbered houses, are still living memory to this history.

For sportsmen and frequent hikers, the great hiking trails (GR141) and (GR 14) cross through this nature park.
Go and discover the six remarkable trees scattered in the forest of the Chêne à la Vierge.

Do you prefer to cycle? Our region, worldwide renowned for its wines, is also endowed with plenty of flora and
fauna, such as the forests, the vineyards and the cycle route, which offers many possibilities for bike rides with family or friends.

This territory has been classified as Parc naturel régional de la Montagne de Reims since 1976 and consist today of 65 rural communities. Marne is the most flowering département in France with 165 towns and villages awarded 1 to 4 flowers.


Regional Natural Park of the Montagne de Reims

Maison du Parc
Chemin de Nanteuil – 51480 POURCY
Tél. : +33 (0)3 26 59 44 44 | contact@parc-montagnedereims.fr | www.parc-montagnedereims.fr

The Montagne de Reims is a vast foreland with multiple facets alternating vineyards, forests, agriculture land, valleys and waterways, following the rhythm of the daily life of the women and men who have made it their home