Panoramic Tour

Oenological and landscape getaway in Champagne

Following the listing of the landscapes of Champagne as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015, the Community of Communes of the Grande Vallée de la Marne wanted to offer an original and interpretative experience of the Champagne vineyards.

Thus was born Panoramic Tour, a set of eight thematic points of view highlighting the singularity of the landscapes and the development of the king of wines.




Rue de Cumières

GPS coordinates : 49°04’39.0″N 3°56’25.9″E

Known for its wrought iron signs, Hautvillers is considered the Cradle of Champagne.
On site, discover a panorama of the Marne valley with Epernay in the background. Take pictures of yourself behind panels on the gestures of the vine and discover the influence of Dom Pierre Pérignon on the development of champagne.


Rue de la République

GPS coordinates: 49°05’27.2″N 3°58’29.8″E

A typical hillside village, it enjoys an exceptional location.

On site, enjoy a flute (to take away) facing an amphitheater of vines. At nightfall you can admire the lights of the surrounding villages in the background.



GPS coordinates : 49°04’40.2″N 3°58’40.2″E

Located on the D251, between Champillon and Dizy, the viewpoint is an opportunity to stop and picnic in the middle of a sea of vines. Take the road again towards Dizy, then go through Aÿ-Champagne, visit Pressoria (Champagne Interpretation Centre) and take the road again towards Mareuil-sur-Aÿ.


Notre-Dame du Gruguet at Mareuil-Sur-Ay

GPS coordinates : 49°02’44.2″N 4°02’37.9″E

Climb up to the site of Notre Dame du Gruguet (statue erected by the inhabitants in recognition of the miracle that prevented the destruction of the village during the 2nd World War) to contemplate a breathtaking 360° view of Champagne.



Rue de la Côte de Mai

GPS coordinates : 49°03’56.4″N 4°01’25.5″E

Hidden at the top of the village, this point of view specially designed for children, also allows parents to take a well-deserved break on deckchairs before discovering “the winegrower’s path”.


D34 in the direction of Bouzy

GPS coordinates: 49°05’28.1″N 4°07’10.3″E

Located on the edge of the D34, this point of view allows you to better understand how the vineyard plays with the landscape (the relief) to capture the sun and the water.





Next to the forest

En haut du chemin rural du Nonicart

GPS coordinates : 49°05’52.8″N 4°08’35.2″E

Particularly known for its red wine. “Bouzy rouge” is a still wine and certainly the most northerly red wine in France. Arrived at the point of view, the panorama opens in the distance on the plain of Champagne.



Chemin du Clos

GPS coordinates : 49°05’24.6″N 4°09’28.8″E

Last stage of the journey, the site is an inverted point of view from bottom to top. You will find information on the importance of sustainable development in current vineyard work practices.


Panoramic Tour can be visited à la carte. The total duration of the route is estimated at 4 hours, for a distance of 40km, to discover 8 exceptional panoramas.

It is also possible to compose your own route according to your desires, the comfortable and interpretive furniture inviting relaxation and contemplation.

QR codes are available to allow visitors to discover the surroundings.



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