Sensory journey in the heart of Champagne



The former Pommery pressing center renamed Pressoria

Located in the former pressing premises of Maison Pommery called “Le Pressoir”, Pressoria opened its doors to the public in July 2021.

In this interactive universe, all your senses will be stimulated: touch a block of chalk, hear the sounds of nature, see the evolution of the vine and the work of man, smell the smells of musts and grape varieties, taste different champagnes.




A sensory and immersive journey












The visit begins in the basement of the vineyard, to fully understand the geological formation of this chalky soil, the dependence of the vineyard on climatic conditions and its development over the seasons. This is followed by an interactive room devoted to the roots, which unfold under our feet and move according to our position.




Then, it is the evolution and the work of the vine month after month that are told to us, before our reflection is solicited by the discovery of the grape varieties, the fauna with which the vine coexists, the various diseases and the adaptation of Men to replant the vineyard through a virtual game.








All along the journey, sometimes interactive screens project the stages of work in the vineyard and the development of Champagne for some, the different professions around Champagne for others, with living testimonies from locals.






The last rooms immerse us in a bath of bubbles and scents, with olfactory tables and a room dedicated exclusively to bubbles.
The visit ends with the taste discovery, with a tasting of two cuvées, or grape juice.






An unprecedented discovery



Pressoria offers an enriching individual or collective, surprising, educational, immersive and multisensory experience, suitable for all audiences.

An unprecedented discovery not only of Champagne, but of everything and those who make Champagne.




A restaurant at the foot of the hills


Restaurant located in Pressoria, and at the foot of the historical hills of Aÿ-Champagne, Calsis offers 3 menus from 38€ to 97€.


Opening :
Monday, Tuesday : Closed
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday : from 12pm to 2pm and 7pm to 9.30pm
Sunday : from 12pm to 2pm 


Booking at : 03 26 32 52 26


Crédits photos : Office de Tourisme Intercommunal d’Hautvillers – Alexandre Couvreux – Phileas Casson Mann – Mika Boudot – Calsis

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