The 10 must-sees in Hautvillers


1 The Saint Pierre abbey and the Saint Sindulphe church

Founded around 650 by St Nivard, the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Pierre d’Hautvillers welcomed a young Benedictine monk, Dom Pierre Pérignon, aged 29, in 1668.
Solicitor of the monastery, he managed his property for 47 years, until his death in 1715. Father Pérignon improved the quality of the wines produced by the abbey, thanks to his work on blending. The abbey is now the private property of Moët & Chandon, it cannot be visited.

The abbey church of Saint-Sindulphe, located next to the abbey of Saint Pierre, houses the tomb of the famous monk Dom Pierre Pérignon as well as the relics of Saint Helena.

The church is open and freely accessible every day.

Masses take place every 3rd Sunday of odd months, except in July.

2 The statue of Dom Pérignon

The statue made by the Châlons sculptor Juan Carlos Carrillo, and inaugurated in June 2022, can be seen in the Pierre Cheval park in Hautvillers. It is made of bronze, measures almost 3 meters in height and weighs 700kg. The statue features a giant bottle that can hold the contents of 360 bottles of Champagne on its own.

3 Wrought iron signs

140 wrought iron signs adorn the fronts of the houses of Hautvillers.
Original and typical accessories of the village, they represent the profession, the passion, or any distinctive sign designating its owner. Don’t forget to look up while strolling the streets!
Click here to see the circuit.

4 Alleys

A few alleys are present in the village, you can take them while strolling:
– The lane of the cul de lampe, or “the passage of the monks” which the monks used at the time to go to the pittance.
-The alley of the 4 brothers and its 90 steps
-the Lécaillon alley

5 Typical Champagne architecture

Discover typical Champagne houses: red brick around the windows and the door, a dog sitting, a bull’s eye, mullioned windows and a porte-cochere with a basket handle.



The points of view

Hautvillers means “High village”, this is the opportunity to take a look at this panoramic view offered by its location:
-Belvedère Dom Pérignon: Panoramic and landscaped view of the Marne Valley
– Panoramic site of the Croix Joseph, direction Saint-Imoges

7 The winegrowers

Many winegrowers in the village welcome you for a tasting and/or a visit to the cellar (reservation preferable).

You can find them here.



The restaurants

Au 36 : Champagne tasting with a weekly selection of Champagne from Hautvillers and the surrounding area.

Le Café d’Hautvillers : traditional brasserie, board to share.

9 The walks

Circuit pédestre du Piédestal de Dom Pérignon -3km/50 min
Sentier pédestre du Pic Noir -1,8 à 2,5km/1h à 2h
Boucle pédestre des Rinsillons -2.5km/1h
Sentier pédestre Botanique des Rinsillons -4.2km/1h
Sentier Rando croquis d’Hautvillers -6km/1h30
Circuit pédestre de la Boucle de Bellevue -8km/2h40
Circuit pédestre de Saint-Marc -11km/3h

10 Guided tour by the tourist office

Duration : 1h15

Possibility to book a tasting at a winegrower in Hautvillers after the tour.



Private tour from 1 to 5 persons : 50€

Individual rate from 6 persons : 9€

Group from 15 to 25 persons during the week : 130€

Group from 15 to 25 persons during week-end and vacant days : 165€

En savoir plus

Free parking, bus parking at the Jard Kiedrich
Free toilets at the entrance of the church
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