Champagne specialities and experiences to savour

Consume locally and treat your taste buds

Champagne specialities and experiences to savour

Indulge your taste buds and discover the specialties 100% made in Champagne.
Meet passionate people who will make you taste quality products made in an artisanal way. With our good addresses, consume local and delight your palate.


An invitation to explore the specialities of the Champagne region

The gourmet tour of Aÿ-Champagne

The Tourist Office invites you to stroll through the streets and vineyards of this small town where prestigious champagne houses are located (Bollinger, Deutz, Ayala). A visit that combines history and gastronomy … an opportunity to meet local producers, craftsmen while tasting local products (champagne, pink biscuits, ratafia …) and other surprises.


Au cœur des sens

Eric, a fervent defender of Champagne gastronomy, will take you for a walk in the heart of the vineyard. With a few sparkling and gourmet breaks, your guide will make you discover a qualitative selection of local products and fine bubbles.



Le Cerf à 3 pattes

To eat good and healthy, have a look at this grocery store which sells local and artisanal products in a short circuit.  On the shelves of this store, you will find articles from a variety of worlds: honey, cookies and cakes, chocolates, pasta, cold meats, terrines and pâtés, cheese, oils, coffee, beers, fruit juices, … but also seasonal fruits and vegetables.



Karen invites you to share unique moments with friends, family or team members, around the finest vintages from environmentally committed estates, in the heart of sublime tasting rooms and our beautiful Champagne region.


Le Clos Corbier

Enjoy a special moment and savor Champagne specialties during an authentic lunch at our Clos Corbier table-restaurant.



Champagnes / Ratafia and other spirits

Le Champagne

By going to meet the wine producers and the champagne houses, you will discover cuvées elaborated according to an ancestral know-how recognized worldwide. The Champagne producers open the doors of their domain to you. Go down to the cellars where the bottles rest and let the secrets of the elaboration be told to you. At the end of this visit, taste cuvées with surprising notes that reflect the personality and convictions of their owners. But Champagne is much more than this famous beverage…



Bouzy Rouge

Confidential, the Bouzy Rouge offers another vision of Champagne. Of ruby color, this still wine will intoxicate you with aromas of red fruits and particularly of morello cherry, elderberry, peach.



The Ratafia Champenois is not sparkling, its sweet, smooth and very expressive flavor makes it an ideal aperitif. It can be drunk chilled, as an aperitif or at the end of a meal. Since 2015, the Ratafia Champenois has obtained a protected geographical indication (PGI), a label that recognizes its quality, reputation and the know-how of its producers.

The Goyard Distillery is the qualitative reference for this liqueur.
Many other spirits complete the range: Marc Champenois, Fine Champenoise….






Sweet flavors for the most greedy

Le moelleux champenois

Le moelleux champenois is a local and 100% artisanal pastry married to two Champagne specialities: the pink biscuit and the Marc Champenois. Thanks to its 11-day shelf life, this local and artisanal pastry will be able to cross borders. Available at Atelier by Patrick Baillet.


Le Biscuit Rose de Reims

Renowned for its famous pink cookies, the Biscuiterie Fossier de Reims is one of the unmissable specialties of the Champagne region. Founded in 1756, it perpetuates the tradition by following authentic recipes elaborated with natural and quality ingredients. It is a real wonder for your taste buds. Don’t forget to visit the manufacturing site. In the store, find the pink biscuits but also: the palm trees, the pink madeleines, the croquignoles, the champagne shortbread …
Magasin Fossier Pierry – Avenue du Sacré Cœur – Nouvelle zone des Forges – 51530 Pierry | Tél : + 33 (0)3 26 54 23 88 




The corks with Marc Champenois

The Thibaut chocolate factory stands as the specialist in chocolate corks that contain the wonderful flavours of the Marc Champenois. Xavier, this passionate and talented artisan chocolate maker invites you to an olfactory, visual and gustatory journey by discovering his laboratory. In the store, you will salivate in front of the chocolate corks, sparkling corks, ganaches, pralines, sugared almonds and other sweets…


Les Enfants de Bacchus

Les Enfants de Bacchus artisanal vinegar factory is located in Hautvillers, an emblematic village in the region and the birthplace of Champagne. Four brothers and sisters have decided to upgrade downgraded wines by transforming them into exceptional vinegars!

Sweet flavours

The School of Champagne wines

Learn how to taste, recognize the expression of the different grape varieties and terroirs that go into the composition of champagne. The Ecole des Vins de Champagne offers fun and educational sessions to introduce you to tasting.  This unforgettable moment will enlighten you in the choice of the cuvée that will delight your taste buds.


The Hatier & Fils Beekeeping Workshop in Hautvillers

Romain Hatier, a beekeeper, owns more than 100 hives in the Marne and produces a variety of quality honeys. Discover the surprising world of bees during a workshop…



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