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Patrimoine culturel

Visite guidée d'Aÿ-Champagne "Petite cité de caractère"


Visite guidée
The small town of Aÿ-Champagne is located in the heart of the Champagne vineyards, whose historic hillsides are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This town has a natural heritage, its vineyard, but also a cultural one; a gothic church, large private mansions, champagne houses (Ayala, Bollinger, Deutz...), numerous winegrowers, Champagne architecture, alleys where it is pleasant to stroll...

Aÿ is also the birthplace of a master glassmaker, jeweller and jeweller: René Lalique.

The Tourist Office invites you to discover this somewhat secret town, whose wine was much appreciated by King Henri IV.
Visite guidée d'Aÿ-Champagne "Petite cité de caractère"
Place de la Libération
Average length of an individual visit:
120 min
Animals accepted:
Non renseigné
InformationMinimum priceMaximum price
Tarif visite privée
Tarif de 1 à 5 personnes (prix pour l'ensemble des personnes)
50 €
50 €
Tarif individuel
Tarif individuel partir de 6 personnes (prix par personne)
9 €
9 €
Tarif groupe
Groupes (25 personnes maximum)
130 €
165 €
Opening hours:
From 02/01/2023 to 22/12/2023MorningAfternoon