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6 eco-friendly gestures to adopt

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6 eco-friendly actions
to adopt during your vacation
I moderate my consumption
of water and energy
I turn off the light when I leave a room.
I limit the standby of electrical appliances.
I lower the heating.
I take a quick shower instead of a bath.
I prefer soft or less polluting modes of transport
I prefer walking, cycling, public transport and carpooling.
I adopt a smooth and economical driving style.
I rationalize my trips.
I consume products from local agriculture and crafts
I buy local seasonal fruits and vegetables and regional products.
I buy from local stores.
I respect the fauna and flora
I follow marked trails and avoid trampling and erosion of protected and fragile areas.
I do not collect wild species.
I respect the fauna and flora and observe it from a distance.
I ensure the cleanliness of the sites and places I visit
When I travel, I take all my waste, including my cigarette butts.
I continue to sort my waste by respecting the sorting instructions of my vacation spot.
I contribute to the maintenance of the cleanliness of the sites.
I am vigilant in the purchase of my products
I prefer non-polluting sunscreens (without BP3, BP2, etc.).
I use natural mosquito repellents (lemon, rosemary...).
I prefer to buy products with an eco-label.